Privacy Policies

This ‘Privacy Policy’ section deals with personally identifiable information collected by during member registration.

What is the nature of information collected from/ monitored about me by facilitates self-advertisement for forming conjugal bond between prospective individuals. To make the search experience hassle free, we seek some personal information (including physical/ mental disabilities) from registering members to be displayed on site. Site visitors browsing the portal, going through member profiles and viewing posted information are exempted from providing any personal information.

Information sought by us fall under 2 categories:
(i) User submitted
(ii) Indirectly collected

(i) Members are asked to provide ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ information. Public information pertains to age, gender, height, photo, contact details, income range, profession, horoscope, lifestyle details etc. which is displayed against profile. Private information pertains to info that can be used by others to connect to members through means other than portal to collect more details other than that is publicly displayed i.e. credit card information, bank account number, password, mailing details etc. Members are allowed to submit information in lieu of others like children, friends, siblings etc. If the member, on whose behalf one has posted information, desires displayed information to be deleted, he/she can seek removal of such information after furnishing needful evidence.

Framing technique is used to make member’s presence on site apparent when the member is actually availing third party services.

Contests or surveys are held periodically to request more information, like age, name, shipping address etc. from members. There is no compulsion regarding participation in such activities and user can exercise his/her discretion regarding divulging more information. We don’t disclose member information to our affiliate partners.

Satisfied members can share their experiences on our site. Chat feature is provided to interact directly with interested members. Chat info is stored on server but never disclosed to third parties; we use the information for generating MIS and monitoring member behaviour.

Personally identifiable information shared through online instant messenger service can be read, tracked or used by other members and may be used for sending you unsolicited messages. We can’t be held responsible for any problem you may incur due to information sharing on messenger.

(ii) Indirectly collected information, collected for all users, pertains to browser type, IP address and other technical data which is not personally identifiable.

What does does with the collected/ monitored information?

Information collected is used in following manner:
(i) User submitted information
Member furnished public information is meant to be viewed by site visitors for seeking proper matrimonial alliances. Any specific member can’t be identified by public info unless photograph is posted, which is voluntary. Posting of contact number for public viewing is optional; members can choose the same to be viewed by premium members exclusively. Contact details’ display preference can be altered by member anytime by visiting the profile page.

Email address of member is used for verification of subscription and for sending system emails in lieu of other members. Email address of member is kept concealed from other members. Site related news or promotional news of our group sites may be sent to the email, although member can opt out of same by unsubscribing. Customer service issues can be apprised or resolved through email communication.

Financial information of member is used for billing purpose for services availed.

Other private information sought from members is jealously guarded and disclosed only under legal obligation or for protecting member’s rights.

Member can log into his/her Profile page and edit all private information except financial information and certain critical account related information.

As a check to prevent system misuse, certain information like date of birth can be altered by requesting for the same to our customer relations team.

Information collected for surveys/contests is used for notifying winners and/or improving user experience.

Our affiliate partners aren’t permitted access to the private information of’s members. Limited information is shared with them for promoting business relationships.

Members can write messages to fellow members for advertising their individual profile to seek marital alliance. We request members to verify the veracity of the intent of members prior to sharing personal information with them, although we have stringent controls in place to prevent site misuse.

(ii) Information not directly furnished by members
Member’s IP address and browser information is used for strengthening our site’s administration. This is intended to bring about better transparency in our dealings with members. Consequently, details like last online date, message read notification for mails of other members etc. are displayed on member’s profile. The indirect information may be used by us for tracking down members who engage in illegal activities.

Information collected by is shared with whom?

We never engage in selling, renting, sharing, trading or disclosing your personal information without expressly apprising you. We enjoy the privilege of disclosing member’s personally identifiable information if instructed by law or for safeguarding our rights or for complying with court order or legal noticed served on us.

We may ally with our business partners to enhance the quality of service offered to you, but your personal information would never be shared with them unless you permit. We request you to review our privacy policy and that of our affiliate members minutely for more details.

Kindly elaborate on’s links to other sites?

Our site may contain links directing to other sites. We express our ignorance regarding the treatment of personally identifiable information of members’ by such sites. While leaving our site, kindly go through the privacy policy of any site you may visit. This privacy policy is applicable for information collected by

Kindly elaborate more on cookies?

Cookies enable our server to identify repeat visitors apart from facilitating fast access and streamlined site use for members. Usage pattern can be tracked using cookies to provide better services. The cumulative data can be analysed for improving content and layout. IT also helps us to cater to the needs of different user groups.

You can turn off the cookie feature through your browser if you don’t want your usage pattern to be tracked. You can discretionally delete the cookie files from your device.’s technology is strengthened through cookies and as such disabling cookies or deleting them may interfere with your smooth usage of our site by preventing certain features from running. Tailored information delivery is essentially done through cookies by linking them to personally identifiable information of members.

Cookies are employed by us to deliver member-centric services and content, for saving passwords to save you the trouble of re-entering the same on each visit and for other reasons.

Cookies only re-collect information sent from our server/site to your device and no information on your personal device is collected back.Our business affiliates may use cookies for advertisement; we don’t exercise control over such cookies.

Please elaborate on’s policy to correct, update or remove personal info. permits modification and deletion of public and private member information from its database. Private information related to credit cards etc. shared during financial transactions on payment gateways and certain critical information, mandatory for protecting site’s integrity, cannot be altered or deleted by members.

How will I be updated about changes in’s privacy policy?

Any physical change to our privacy policy would be conspicuously displayed through link to the changes on the Homepage of Members would be notified through email of our intent, if any, regarding change in the way personally identifiable information is collected and used. Member’s permission would be sought prior to using personal information in a manner different from that as stated in our policy.

Kindly elaborate on the security of member’s personal information.

We initiate every step, online and offline, to safeguard your information. During registration or subscribing for premium services, the sensitive financial information shared by you with us is encrypted and SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology is used to protect the same. Industry recommended standards are followed for protecting the member’s sensitive information once we are in receipt of it after transaction. Entire array of member information is maintained in our back office in secured manner and employees needing access to it have to pass through stringent authentication process to validate the integrity of their intent prior to usage of member’s personal information.

Member submitted photographs are prevented from misuse/ illegal use by preventing them from being downloaded or copied online. Each photo is watermarked with our brand’s logo. You can send us an email to learn more about our security policies.

Please elaborate on’s email policy.

Emails are used exhaustively by us to help you seek the perfect conjugal alliance on our site. Emails are used for sending Contact Alerts (when another member responds to your profile), Match Mails (to notify of partner matches fulfilling your specified criteria), and newsletters regarding offers, updates etc. Periodically, we may send you email notifying of special events organized by us or affiliate partners or about useful special offers floated by our partners or group sites.

Once you register yourself as’s member, your subscription for aforesaid email services is automatically done. You can, at your own volition, may choose to manage the subscriptions and unsubscribe from them except Contact Alerts. Each email from us carries a link for unsubscribing. You can also manage the email subscriptions independently from your profile’s ‘Alerts Manager’ section.

We would like to emphasize that your email address would never be sold or rented out to any third party unless you explicitly ask us to do so. As a precaution, your email address is invisible to all, even to other members.

You can also send interesting profiles to your friends directly from our site. Email specified by you would be used for this purpose. We assure you that your friend’s mailbox would not be spammed with unsolicited emails from us.

How can I get in touch with/ contact

You are always welcome to reach out to us with your feedbacks, specific queries or other problems. We would gladly respond to you. You can send us an email regarding our privacy policy, terms and conditions, site practices or other dealings at: …..

Our grievance officer can be contacted at: aspires to offer you best in class services to make your matchmaking pursuit a grand success. We have pioneered a number of steps which will make your search easy and pleasant.