Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Jadoomatrimony.com welcomes you to embark on the journey of seeking the perfect soul mate for you. We serve as an advertising platform to facilitate matchmaking and are the substitute of conventional newspaper classified. We assist you in promoting and advertising your profile to the potential life partner to seek acceptance for him/ her. You can access our site for free, however to avail the premium services such as sending emails, chat, SMS etc. you need to pay a small subscription fee.


Terms of Use


For the purpose of using Jadoomatrimony.com site, you need to become a registered member of the site. You agree to be governed by the Terms of Use, elaborated below, to promote your profile and use our services. We will extend all possible help to promote and make your profile visible to other members for better response from pertinent members. The terms are legally binding on the member and may be altered by Jadoomatrimony.com from time to time, as deemed necessary.


Eligibility for registration


Membership registration and usage of site is subjected to your attainment of marriageable age as dictated by Indian laws i.e. eligible males must be 21 years or older whereas females must be 18 years or older. We facilitate tying of the conjugal knot between prospective brides and grooms who will to enter into wedlock governed by prevailing laws. JadooMatrimony serves as the platform for advertisement of your eligibility and membership is restricted if forbidden by law. We seek your representation and warranty, prior to permitting usage of this site, regarding your legal and authoritative capacity to enter into matrimonial agreement. You should not be barred by the prevalent law or through court’s injunction or decree issued by competent authority from entering into marital relationship. You assent to be governed by terms and conditions stated over here and JadooMatrimony enjoys the privilege of forthwith termination of your membership if suitable circumstantial evidences convince us of your ineligibility or indicate of any misrepresentation on your part. The subscription fee, if any, would also be forfeited.




You may, of your own volition, terminate your membership by making us aware of the reason in writing at any time. We will not refund the subscription fees, if any, paid by you. We hold the right to restrict your site’s access or terminate your membership after citing the attributing reason to the email provided by you during registration or notified to us afterwards. If membership termination is owing to breach of agreement’s terms, no refund of the fees, if any, paid by you would be done. Post termination, certain clauses of this agreement would still be applicable to you. Agreement terms for paid membership would be contingent on membership type.


Personal use clause


This site shall be used by individuals for posting their profiles for seeking requests of connection or sending connection requests from/ to other eligible individuals in individual capacity only. This site cannot be used for commercial promotions by members and they must not post links to other competitive or generic sites. Membership is not open to companies, organizations and businesses and they must not commercially utilize this site. Unauthorized and unlawful use of or link to the site is prohibited and any breach would attract suitable and unqualified penal action after proper investigation.

Other membership terms of use:
(a) We reserve the right of reviewing the activities and account status of each member and discontinue the account upon receiving negative review feedback

(b) You assent to receive emails, calls, and messages from Jadoomatrimony.com and other site members until you have terminated your membership at your own discretion. This consent would override your National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) and Do Not Disturb (DND) Register’s preferences. All emails, calls and messages pertaining to verification, matrimonial alliance requests, promotions and enquiries would be covered.

(c) We strictly disallow multiple profiles of same person and would summarily deactivate such profiles without refunding subscription fees.

(d) You are restricted from engaging in advertisement of or solicitation of pecuniary favour from other members related to your personal branding through our service. All activities must pertain to matchmaking only. You are requested not to engage in chain letter or junk email transmitting to other members. You may not use information gained from other members for harassing, abusing or harming any member.

(e) Jadoomatrimony may initiate appropriate disciplinary action, as deemed suitable, against any member to protect the interest of other members.

(f) You may not use automated bots or scripts to interact with or exchange information with other members.

(g) Jadoomatrimony exercises unqualified authority to scrutinize your communications with other members and may strike off portions of the same if deemed obscene, irrelevant, promotional or unwarranted.

(h) All members are advised to observe precautions while communicating with other members to keep their safety and privacy intact.

(i) JadooMatrimony assumes that you have tacitly consented to the terms and conditions mentioned over here by your act of registering on the site.


Content's Proprietary Rights


All proprietary rights in the site and service lie with Jadoomatrimony.com. The site carries copyrighted content, trademarks and proprietary elements of Jadoomatrimony.com’s licensors. Copying, altering, publishing, transmitting, distributing, performing, displaying or selling of any proprietary information, other than user permitted information in public domain, is forbidden. All acts, proven or attempted, pertaining to violation of the aforesaid would attract cancellation of membership without refund of subscription fees. Suitable civil/ criminal action would be initiated by us for such violations.

Content posted by Members of site:
(a) You consent to abide by JadooMatrimony’s discretional act of deleting listings, profiles, pictures, content and communications which may be considered as unsafe, intimidating to the site or other members, or violate the terms.

(b) JadooMatrimony reserves the right of using, distributing, reproducing, altering, adapting and publishing in public domain information submitted by you or published in accessible portions of site.

(c) The Services are meant for your unrestricted use to the extent you are using it for marketing and promoting your profile to connect with fellow members. You would be responsible for any consequences that might be triggered due to the information, data, text, photographs, graphics, communications, tags, or content posted on your profile or transmitted to connected members privately or shared with us. The sole responsibility of content shared/ communicated by you rests with you. We exercise no control on the content posted by you and hence make no promises regarding the accuracy, quality and integrity of the same. We seek immunity from any liability that may arise due to distorted, manipulated or forged content posted by members using our service. We, however, enjoy the right of verifying the content’s authenticity. We may seek evidences corroborating the veracity of the content posted by, if content seems suspicious. Your membership would be terminated summarily without refund if you fail to produce evidence.

(d) The act of posting content on the public area of the site would be considered as your tacit approval of granting right to the site and other members and authorizing them for using, copying, displaying, preparing derivative works of and distributing the content. This right would be non-pecuniary, perpetual and irrevocable.

(e) We are hereby defining the content type which would be considered offensive and is prohibited. Posting such content would attract investigation and suitable legal action. The content would be summarily removed and membership terminated without any refund.

Forbidden content includes:
(i) Offensive content promoting bigotry, racial feelings, hatred against other members or provoking violence

(ii) Content intended at harassing fellow members or advocating harassment

(iii) Mass, junk, chain or spam mails

(iv) Content promoting information that is deliberately baseless and misleading

(v) Content promoting actions which are intimidating, scandalous, abusive, slanderous or maliciously motivated

(vi) Content promoting pirated or illegally distributed copyrighted material or providing links to them or furnishing information that leads to compromising of copy protected devices

(vii) Content containing password restricted pages, concealed pages/ images not linked from other pages

(viii) Displaying sexually explicit matter

(ix) Content carrying matter intended for exploiting teenagers sexually or violently or soliciting personal information

(x) Content carrying instructions regarding executing illegal; acts like outraging others’ modesty, developing computer viruses or buying weapons

(xi) Content that seeks personally identifiable information or passwords from members for commercial or other promotions

(xii) Content that causes engagement in commercial activities like schemes, sweepstakes, contests etc. without our explicit approval

Jadoomatrimony.com’s services must be used by you in a manner amenable to applicable laws, regulations and rules at federal, state and/ or local levels. Information pertaining to your contact number, email and residential addresses, personally identifiable information cannot be posted on the Member profile page which is visible to all.


Copyright Policy


You are requested not to indulge in posting, distributing, or reproducing any copyrighted content or proprietary information on the site without seeking legal consent from owner of the content. In the context of the aforesaid, if you feel that your proprietary content has been published or shared on the site by any member, you may immediately get in touch with us with following information

  • Authorized representative’s physical or electronic signature

  • Letter of authorization of the representative authorized to look into copyright infringement on your behalf

  • Copyrighted content’s description, that you allege has been infringed

  • Description stating the exact location on our site where you have spotted your copyrighted content

  • Your contact details

  • Written statement declaring that the use of the content has not been authorized by you, your agent or through any other legal processes

  • Declaration by you under penalty of perjury that the aforesaid claim is accurate and you or your authorized representative would look after the matter

You can despatch your copyright infringement claim in writing to our office address.

Disputes of members

The sole responsibility of advertising your eligibility or communicating with fellow members of Jadoomatrimony.com rests with you. We may intervene on our own volition without being compelled by any obligation to resolve disputes between you and any other member. If any member is at fault, we reserve the right to initiate necessary action against the same. We are, however under no obligation, to share the nature and extent of action with any other member, not even with the complainant. We expressly disown any liability for any interaction or transaction between registered members.



  • Jadoomatrimony.com claims immunity from any responsibility that may arise due to inaccurate/ incorrect listing or content on the site related to our service, and which has been triggered by members or by our coding mechanism or equipment which is not relevant to the users of our service

  • We claim impunity for any mistake, inadvertent error, deletion, transmission delay, defects, communication failure, damage, illegal access, or modification of communication between members, or between JadooMatrimony and its members

  • Jadoomatrimony.com cannot be held responsible for problems or technical hindrances triggered by malfunctioning of the communication channels such as online systems, computer processes, telephone lines, servers, information providers, software architecture, email providers, computer hardware etc. If the internet communication fails due to congestion of communication lines and this causes any damage to the members or users or to the computers of the users of the site, we claim exemption from any legal action.

  • We cannot be held responsible, under any circumstance, for loss or damage incurred by any member or person triggered by usage of our site or service or by using/ referring the content posted on the site or while transmitting content to members of this site

  • Matrimonial profiles exchanged through or by us, in no way, constitutes a matchmaking offer or recommendation by/ from Jadoomatrimony.com. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to any member or person arising due to any relations, not limited to matrimonial relations only, which has been forged through our site or using our services.

  • Jadoomatrimony.com provides the services through the site ‘As-Is’ and expressly disowns any ‘warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement’. We do not guarantee or promise any particular result from the usage of this site or our services.

  • We disown expressly any responsibility or liability howsoever and whatsoever resulting from content or listing published on this site using our services or is communicated to other members of the Jadoomatrimony.com or to any third party or to users of this site

  • Jadoomatrimony.com claims impunity from any liability or responsibility arising out of any unlawful or malicious content published on the site by users, members or any third party

  • The entire array of liabilities, whether civil or criminal, resulting from any content that has been published on site would rest with members, users, or third parties who have posted the content. We enjoy the privilege of claiming damages from such members, users, or third parties for the damages incurred by us from the content posted on the site. We do not stake claim on the content submitted by the members or content sent to us for inclusion through our services.


Limitation on Liability


Under no circumstances, Jadoomatrimony.com can be held liable by any registered member of the site or by any third party for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, or any losses incurred due to the use of this site or our service; even though we have been advised about the potential of such damages. Irrespective of anything that is not in line with the aforesaid, Jadoomatrimony.com’s liability to the registered member for any damage caused, and irrespective of the course of action taken, would be at all times limited to the subscription and other membership type fees paid for availing the services of the site during the tenure of the membership.



The entire array of disputes about or involving Jadoomatrimony.com’s site or the services offered, which may arise due to your use of this site, you unconditionally consent to be dictated legally by the Indian laws. All disputes or differences would be subjected to the exclusive and unmitigated jurisdiction of the Competent Courts in Kerala, India only.


You assent to indemnify Jadoomatrimony.com and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and other partners and employees, completely indemnified and unscathed from all losses, liabilities, claims or demands, including suitable attorney’s fees, paid by any third party due to or resulting from your use of our Service infringing this Agreement and/ or resulting from the breach of the terms and conditions of use and/ or any transgression of representations and warranties as laid down above or any fraudulent action committed by you.

Mode of payment

A. Payment made by cash / cheque / Net Banking / Debit / Credit Card would be in accordance with the prevailing RBI guidelines. Activation of paid JM service shall be subject to realization of the said payment. In case of dishonor of Cheque/demand draft; you shall be liable to pay applicable bank's cheque/DD bouncing charges. Further JM service to your account will be deactivated / suspended until you settle the value of the payment and applicable bank charges in cash.

B. JM uses third party payment gateways for collection of credit/debit card or other payment instruments. In case of payment gateway failure the same would be communicated to the JM member by the payment gateway provider. JM shall not be responsible for Extra currency/conversion charges/deductions/error issues from payment gateway. In the case of failed online transactions, which result in no services, JM offers no guarantees whatsoever for the accuracy or timeliness of the refunds reaching the Customers card/bank accounts through the payment gateway.

C. You agree to provide us with your Permanent Account Number / Form 60/61 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and rules thereunder in the event you choose any paid package of MCL, the value of such paid package being Rs.2,00,000/- [Rupees Two Lakh Only] and above from MCL.


A. All JM paid package users can renew the paid package to carry forward the un-used contacts (Mobile no. viewing and SMS).

B. The payments made by JM member to JM by way of registration / membership / renewal fee / auto renewal is /are treated as non-refundable. Payment once made for JM services cannot be assigned to any person/party or adjusted towards any other product or packages provided by MCL.

C. JM members cannot put the paid JM service on hold even temporarily, for any reason whatsoever. Based on the tenure of paid JM service and date of payment taken, the expiry of paid JM service will automatically happen on expiry of the applicable paid package taken by you.



  • By agreeing to use our services by registering as a member on Jadoomatrimony.com, you assent to receiving certain specific emails from Jadoomatrimony.com and its allied sites. You can exercise your discretion to unsubscribe from this mailing service any time and without disclosing your intention for the same by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

  • This Agreement, which you accept tacitly by using the services offered on our site through membership registration process, carries the complete agreement between you and Jadoomatrimony.com and dictates the exchanges between you and us pertaining to the use of this site and its services. If any clause of the Agreement is rendered invalid, the rest of the Agreement would continue in full force and effect.

Your unconditional and irrevocable confirmation to be guided by aforesaid provisions of this agreement is accepted by your act of registering as a member on this site. You may get in touch with us for any clarification on the service agreement.

Please email with any questions regarding this service agreement